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KIYATEC products meet specialized requirements for the life sciences industry. It has been incredibly efficient and effective working with manufacturing, packaging and sterilization companies with existing medtech specific infrastructure and longstanding institutional experience, all less than an hours’ drive away.

Matt Gevaert
CEO & Co-Founder

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Upstate South Carolina is home to premier industry and research partnerships that are making important breakthroughs each year. Healthcare companies and research initiatives in the Upstate are using some of the nation’s most advanced facilities to explore and develop new techniques, procedures and applications that continue to shape the future of the bioscience industry.

About Upstate South Carolina
Located in the northwestern corner of South Carolina, the Upstate connects two of the largest cities in the Southeastern United States: Charlotte and Atlanta. The Upstate is home to some of the world’s most forward thinking companies, including world leaders in the development and application of cutting-edge technologies in a multitude of industries, and provides an unmatched quality of life to its 1.37 million residents.

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Available Properties

Greenwood Research Park
COMMUNITY: Greenwood
COUNTY: Greenwood

Be a part of the Upstate's Bioscience community!

Located in the park:

  • Greenwood Genetic Center
  • Self Research Institute
  • SC Center for Genetic Disorders

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Strategic Location

Located in the northwestern corner of South Carolina, the Upstate’s biopharmaceutical cluster ranks 30th nationwide, with a subcluster ranking of 24th for biopharmaceutical products.  Our region also connects the 13th ranked Atlanta and 18th ranked Charlotte areas. 

With the Research Triangle (#6) nearby, the Upstate has access to additional resources housed in significantly larger and more expensive markets.