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May 15, 2018
Techtronics Industries (TTI), an Anderson County designer and manufacturer of power tools, shares how open innovation has helped the company grow. 
TOPICS: "Existing Industry", "Global Competitiveness", Innovation, "Skilled Workforce", "Upstate Thoughts"
May 10, 2018
“The scope is much larger than the bricks and mortar of the building,” says Evans General Contractors employee Larry Eberhart. “It’s about answering, ‘What do we do once the building is finished?’”
TOPICS: #TeamUpstate, "Existing Industry", "Global Competitiveness", International, Manufacturing
April 29, 2018
Hundreds of industry executives from medical technology, device and diagnostic companies will gather this week in Greenville for the Southeastern Medical Device Association (SEMDA) 2018 MedTech Conference. 
TOPICS: Bioscience, "Business Recruitment", Innovation, "Life Science"
April 20, 2018
The Spark Center SC's soft landing space was vital to the Netherlands-based company's transition to the Upstate. 
TOPICS: #TeamUpstate, Automotive, "Business Recruitment", "Existing Industry", "Global Competitiveness", International, "Soft Landings", "Technical College System"
April 06, 2018
Four Upstate young professionals discussed how their jobs span the globe during Ten at the Top's the PIQUE on March 22. 
TOPICS: "Global Competitiveness", International, "Skilled Workforce", "Upstate Thoughts"
March 27, 2018
We're encouraging business and community leaders across the region to share their economic development stories through our #TeamUpstate campaign. 
TOPICS: #TeamUpstate, Celebrations, "Upstate Thoughts"
March 23, 2018
In honor of International Month, this infographic demonstrates the global connections and international presence within Upstate South Carolina. 
TOPICS: "Global Competitiveness", International, "News You Can Use", "Upstate Thoughts"
March 05, 2018
Through this Q&A series, we can learn more about these leaders and how their day jobs align with the GCC. 
TOPICS: "Existing Industry", "Global Cities Initiative", "Global Competitiveness", International
February 06, 2018
Through this Q&A series, we learn more about the leaders of the Upstate Global Competitiveness Council. 
TOPICS: "Existing Industry", "Global Cities Initiative", "Global Competitiveness", International
January 25, 2018
In this guest blog, Upstate employment attorney Phillip Kilgore breaks down what employers need to know about recent National Labor Relations Board changes.
TOPICS: Advocacy, Business, "News You Can Use"


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